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Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

2024-02-20 12:53 122 views

Sunrise Petro: A Pioneer in Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Manufacturing in China

HWDP can stand for heavy weight drill pipe. It's a type of drill pipe with thicker walls and longer collars than conventional drill pipe. HWDP is stronger and has a higher tensile strength than conventional drill pipe. The drill pipe joint of the weighted drill pipe is longer than the ordinary drill pipe, which can provide a larger wear-resistant surface and weight. The joint surface is welded with wear-resistant cemented carbide, which extends the service life. 

Sunrise petro heavy weight drill pipe is the industry standard for an intermediate weight drill stem member, and is available in standard, spiraled and non-magnetic designs, making it useful in a number of applications. It shares its dimensions with standard drill pipe for easier handling. Our heavy weight drill pipe carries a unique center upset or wear pad to increase tube life while reducing drilling hole drag and differential sticking problems.Heavy weight drill pipes of Sunrise petro are exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and Middle East.


The weighted drill pipe is heavier than the drill pipe of the same size, and the wall thickness is 2-3 times greater than that of the ordinary drill pipe. The outer diameter of the pipe body and joint is the same as that of the ordinary drill pipe. The inner hole is flat, and the diameter of the inner hole is at least equal to the inner diameter of the drill collar. The outer thickened section of the middle part acts as a small stabilizer, thus increasing the bending resistance.


Feature and Advantage

API Stress Relief Features (SRF)
The pin stress relief groove and box boreback features increase connection flexibility and reduce stress concentration, thereby reducing the frequency of fatigue failures.

Internal Plastic Coating
An internal plastic coating option is available upon request.

Phosphate Coating
All drill pipe connections are coated with a durable phosphate coating that inhibits corrosion resistance, and prevents shoulder and thread galling.


1) It is used for the transition zone between drill collar and drill pipe to ease the change of bending stress between them to reduce the damage of drill pipe.

2) Replace drill collar in slim hole drilling, easy to operate

3) It can replace most of the drill collars in directional wells to reduce the occurrence of torque and sticking, so as to reduce the cost and maintain the orientation of directional wells. 

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Any question about kelly bar drilling (kelly bar for sale,kelly bar price) ,please email sales@sunrise-petroleum.com , you will get reply within 12 hours!

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